The Research
The R Factor Study is designed based on Harvard University and the London School of Economics research to measure your current customers’ willingness to risk their reputation and recommend your business to family, friends and colleagues. This is not a simple “satisfaction” study. Did you know researchers have found that satisfaction studies are a waste of time, energy and money? This is because those studies have zero correlation to future growth. Read this carefully: Customer satisfaction is fickle and that is why it’s a waste of time to measure.

Your R Factor study measures what really works to predict future growth - a person’s willingness to risk their reputation to recommend your business to family, friends and colleagues. When a person is asked if they are satisfied or how satisfied they are they have nothing to risk in giving their answer. Without risk, their answer has no value. But, when a person risks their reputation to tell their friends and family about you, you now have the key to predicting and planning your success.

Most business owners know that referrals are one of the best and most profitable ways to grow their business. They know it but they rarely, if ever, have measured it. This means they live on “hopiates” - the drug of hope - hoping that you will get more referrals but never really knowing, why, when or how many. Knowing why people refer or don’t refer is critical to long-term success.

Part of what makes your R Factor study so valuable is that as your R Factor study scores increase, so will the likelihood that your existing customers are going to stay with you and even come back more often. Simply put, the higher your score, the more successful your business is. When your customers consistently rate your business as a 9 or 10 you know they will be spending their hard earned money with you

Your R Factor study is amazingly simple. It’s approximately six questions and most customers can complete it in less than five minutes.

You may be thinking how such a simple study can be so powerful and the answer is in the research - it’s not about asking MORE questions, it’s about asking the RIGHT questions. The R Factor study does just that!

If you want to grow your business you owe it to yourself to get started with your R Factor Study today.

The Study

What would a 20% increase in customers from referrals do for your business?

What if you found out that your customers hate that you are only open until 4 pm on Wednesdays? Or better yet, what if you found out that they didn’t care if you are open on Saturday and you could have more time with your family and friends without any negative effect on your business.

The R Factor study provides you and your entire team with a critically clear picture of your current customers view of your business. The information in your study gives you the ability to know specific matters your customers want addressed so they will do more business with you and recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Your unique study provides you with “the number” that you need to use when looking at the trend of your business. If your R Factor score is increasing it means you are delivering what your clients want and they will tell their family and friends how fantastic your product or service is. If the score is sliding down, you need to make changes or you will be driving customers to your competition.

The second part of the study is the narrative. This is your customers’ actual words about you and your business. They will tell you what they like and what they want to see changed.

You may think you already know how your customer’s feel because you hear what they say to your face on a daily basis. Research shows this is a very poor way to predict future results. People are not honest when it comes to telling people what they think or feel. As a matter of fact, people are very good at saying, “I like it” or “it was fine” when they really mean they are not coming back.

Yes, some of your customers will share every detail of a terrible experience they had. But, the vast majority of dissatisfied customers simply never come back… without a word. You need to know what the majority of your customers are thinking, and you need an impartial way to ask.

That is what the R Factor is all about! We measure for you your customers’ willingness to risk their reputation to recommend your business.

By using a third party non biased company, your customers can share without fear of what will happen on their next visit. For your customers to be fully engaged and honest they need to be safe and we provide that safety to them.