Why should I pay to do this when I can do a simple survey myself?
  • First, you want people that are experts in the study so they ask the right questions. It’s amazing how one little change can affect the results. If you get bad data you will make costly decisions that will have a negative impact on your business.
  • Next, by using a third party, your customers are more likely to provide you with honest and un-censored feedback so you know what they are really thinking and feeling.
  • Finally, most people could cut their own hair but what would the world look like? Your time is better spent doing the things that you are an expert at that your customers value and pay for!
We do comment cards, why do we need a separate survey?
Comment cards are a waste of time, energy, money and natural resources. Comment cards give people two terrible illusions:
  • First, management is under the illusion that they now know what their guests think and feel. This is 100% false. The vast majority of people that fill out comment cards either love your or hate you. That is OK to know, but most of your customers are not in either one of those camps. Most customers will not invest their time to fill out the form because they don’t care enough to fill it out.
  • The other illusion is that you will get actionable information for customers and then make changes. The reality is, you get a comment about a specific problem or incident and you look into it. Sure, if you’re a restaurant and are serving raw chicken, that is critical to know, but much of the information offered is of very low value.
I laugh on a regular basis when I get a bill and it has a comment card in it that has already been filled out. That is a sign! If comment cards are not being collected from ALL guests you would be better off not wasting the money on the printing.

We already know what our customers think.

Some businesses have a strong connection and know the pulse of their customers, but that is rare. Most business think they know but have zero data to backup their assumptions. Would you run your business based on thinking that something is profitable? Or, do you want to see the numbers and know what your costs are?

We use viral marketing and social media to promote our business.

Viral marketing and social media such as Facebook and Twitter are inexpensive, smart and progressive ways to promote your business. But, these forms of marketing are simply a way for you to tell your customers and potential customers how great think you are. R Factor allows you to gauge what other people are actually saying, thinking and feeling about your business. Imagine the how powerful combining these resources could be? By coupling your viral and social media strategies with your R Factor data you no longer have to speak for yourself. You can tell your customers and potential customers the great things people are actually saying about you!

We use Survey Monkey/Zoomerang/SurveyGizmo to do our surveys and it’s free or very low cost, why would we do an R Factor Study?

There are some really good free or low cost survey tools available today. They can get the data and even do some great graphs. The challenge is, it all goes back to technology 101 and that is “Garbage In…Garbage Out.” If the question is not worded correctly it can have a significant impact on the results.

Also, all these programs do is collect and crunch the data. They do not provide any organization or direction from the information. For most businesses to take meaningful action they need to know what action to take. Our study, which contains narrative comments directly from your customers and recommendations from us, the experts, provides what you need to take action as soon as you get your results. You’re not left guessing or thinking you know what to do based on the results.

Where is this being done?

We do it here in the United States. We are based out of Idaho.

What about my client list?

Our clients retain their client list. We provide you with the materials and links you need to invite your customers to participate in the survey but we don’t need your list to do that. We know how valuable that is to your business and we think you are the best ones to retain it.

What if I need more than the study and recommendations?

The study and recommendations are what most businesses need. From time to time we will have a business that needs more support or direction on how to make the most of their data. We are happy to help you with this, should the need arise. We are very committed to getting you the best solutions for your unique business needs. That may mean that we recommend making connections with other businesses that are specialists in what you need. You can always talk with your account executive about what you want to accomplish and how we can work together to make you more successful.

Can I talk to a live person about my study and what it means?

YES! We have people that you can call and talk with about your study and what it means. We want you to take action based on the results and that means at times you have questions that you need answered by the experts. We are here to help you when you need it!