Lifetime Value of your clients. LTV is a critical measurement for knowing what your client is worth. It’s very simple – it looks at the amount they purchase, how often and for how long so you know what it’s worth to retain a client or to add a new one over time!

Most businesses find the R Factor study pays for itself with as few as a couple of new clients!

Average Profit Margint %
Customer Retention Rate %
Customer Lifetime Calculation
Each new customer is worth

Want to Improve Your CLV?

Your R Factor study will help you improve your Lifetime Value in several ways!

First, by improving your knowledge and raising your R Factor score, you will elevate your client retention rate. The more clients you retain the more profit you generate.

Your R Factor study will also make it a snap to increase your clients orders because they will come in more often and purchase more on each visit.

For fun, recalculate your CLV by increasing each of those by 10%. Just knowing can be very valuable.

Value of a Referral