Hope is not a strategy! Success comes from knowledge and expertise!
With the R Factor – you will know what is needed to grow your business and predict your future success!
With R Factor you will:
  • Increase revenue by retaining existing customers.
  • Obtain the data you need to grow your business by increasing referrals from your existing clients.
  • Predict if your existing customers will be with you long term.
Why is the R Factor a sound investment in your future?
  • Because each new referral is money in your bank.
  • Because you want to grow your business and you know how valuable new customers are.
  • Because the cost of not knowing what your customers want is too high.
  • Because this tool will help you predict your future success.
The real question is why not? For most clients, the R Factor study pays for itself with just a few new referrals.

The findings and recommendations are priceless!